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List by School System / List by Educator's Name
Congratulations to Our 2013 Master Teachers!
School system Educator's name
Atlanta Public Schools Margaret Edson
Carroll County Courtney Chastain
Cherokee County Angela Rubel
Clayton County Jason Beavers
Clayton County Shara Allen
Clayton County Stacey McDonald
Cobb County Lisa Green
Cobb County Rose White
Columbia County Jessica Wilkerson
Columbia County Kathleen Kohl
Columbia County Kimberly Wall
DeKalb County Christopher Smith
DeKalb County Sonia Solomon
Effingham County Connie Carter
Effingham County Keeli Wadley
Effingham County Mark Weese
Fayette County Josephine Rouse
Fulton County Alexandria Elikwu
Fulton County Alison Smock
Fulton County Cara Hain
Fulton County Celeste Wesner
Fulton County Chantrise Sims Holliman
Fulton County Crystal Dorn
Fulton County DANA BENNETT
Fulton County Deana Skimel
Fulton County Gwendolyn Bryant
Fulton County Jennifer Beard
Fulton County Jennifer Remer
Fulton County Katharine Greenwood
Fulton County Rasheeda Christmas
Fulton County Robert Tyo
Fulton County Susan Fisher
Gainesville City Jannie Masters
Griffin-Spalding County Ellen Crawford
Gwinnett County Catherine Huynh
Gwinnett County Charles Lockert
Gwinnett County Janet Rasch
Gwinnett County Jodi Harrison
Gwinnett County Linda King
Gwinnett County Lissette McRea
Gwinnett County Michael Kelly
Gwinnett County Michele Meddin
Gwinnett County Misty Watkins
Gwinnett County Richard Whatley
Gwinnett County Sally Burkett
Gwinnett County Sherry Bradford
Gwinnett County Shuanita Cochran
Houston County Jeannie Smith
Houston County Nell Phillips-Sciarro
Jones County Beth Pettigrew
Marietta City Chad Christman
Marietta City Michelle Chamberlain
Marietta City Teresa Hutto
Muscogee County Brenda Merritt
Oconee County Merritt Arnold
Polk County John Garner
Thomas County Janet Clifton
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