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List by School System / List by Educator's Name
Congratulations to Our 2011 Master Teachers!
School system Educator's name
Atlanta Public Schools Amy Lawrence
Bibb County Tammy Grantham Toth
Butts County C. Sabrina Hollingsworth
Butts County Donna M. Malone
Candler County Kendra Darien Howard
Candler County Octavia S. Pryor
Cherokee County Kimberley Eubanks Harris
Cherokee County Sonya C. Turner
Clarke County Janet Wilkins
Clarke County Janice Burkett Davis
Clayton County Ave Maria Tatum
Clayton County Neva Yvette Seldon
Clayton County Sarah Marie Tate
Clayton County Tonya Clarke
Cobb County Deborah Dianna Denton-Marker
DeKalb County June Hawkins-Jones
Effingham County Christine Holt
Effingham County Paul Robert Petit
Effingham County Trish Thompson
Fayette County Carol Taylor
Fulton County Amanda Harrington Mitchell
Fulton County Carrie Mustin Fontan
Fulton County Cheryl E. Ducray
Fulton County Cleopatra Alma Ballantyne
Fulton County Deborah Alex Lorber
Fulton County Deborah Fishman Kodish
Fulton County Delrio Chiesa Carter
Fulton County Elaida T. Pitts
Fulton County Heavenly R. Montgomery
Fulton County Ida M. Ward
Fulton County Jaclyn McLaren
Fulton County James Andrew Payne
Fulton County Jean B. Thoss
Fulton County Jeanne Bayer
Fulton County Jennifer Slay
Fulton County Jerilyn Denise Robinson
Fulton County Jillian Danielle Harris
Fulton County Julie A. Yost
Fulton County Karla C. Ess
Fulton County Kimberly Helen London
Fulton County Linda Bryant-Butler
Fulton County Mark R. Poole
Fulton County Monica Madden
Fulton County Rayna C. Helton
Fulton County Robert Gustave Gabel
Fulton County Robin R. Berlin
Fulton County Sandy Vegners
Fulton County Tania Horan Pope
Fulton County Toneka Charo Bussey
Fulton County Wagner Guy Pierre
Glynn County Jacqueline A. Tyre
Gwinnett County Bradford Barrett Mayer
Gwinnett County Elizabeth Welch McClam
Gwinnett County James Arthur Fisher Jr.
Gwinnett County Jane Moore
Gwinnett County Janet V. Chastain
Gwinnett County Janice Pruitt
Gwinnett County Jean Sun Yu Sohn
Gwinnett County Jill Lambes
Gwinnett County Lacey Marie Jakes
Gwinnett County Mary Michelle Ruhl
Gwinnett County Marylee Ferguson Duggins
Gwinnett County Stephanie Wilker
Gwinnett County Susan L. Tavernier
Gwinnett County Teri Thomas Schneider
Houston County Andrew Holman Reeves Sr.
Houston County Carol T. Wyatt
Houston County Dana Wiggins
Houston County Felicia King Layfield
Houston County Kimberly Woodard Hvizdzak
Houston County Phyllis W. Kimball
Houston County Stacey Lynn Kincer
Houston County Stephanie Griffis Melvin
Jones County Rhonda Morrison Amerson
Lamar County Ann English Steege
Lumpkin County Donald Eric Landrum
Lumpkin County Elizabeth Haight Armstrong
Lumpkin County Janet Susannah Smith
Lumpkin County Melissa Combs
Lumpkin County Rachelle Rodgers
Murray County Dana Miller Ford
Richmond County Linda Jo Fountain
Richmond County Tiffani D. Leverett
Towns County Connie Lynn Hobbs
Towns County Jennifer Rogers Moss
Walker County Angela Renee Brandt
Walton County Margaret A. Stephens
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